About Us

What makes us different? With the large number of computer resellers around why should you source your computing needs from us? We have a genuine belief that what we offer is a personal honest and relevant service. We live in the community that we service and enjoy seeing our work make a difference

  • We strive to provide SENSIBLE COMPUTING SOLUTIONS.
  • We don’t hold large amounts of stock and so we aren’t forced to push products that aren’t suitable for our clients simply to move stock.
  • Personal friendly service.
  • To help people get more value and enjoyment from their computers.
  • We aim for honesty in all advice and all pricing.
  • We try to always provide value for money.- often this is not by being the cheapest supplier but by providing the best support we can and by being easily accessible. In saying that however we are still always competitive.
  • Sustainable pricing and warranty practices.- if we aren’t here next year that is of no use to us or our clientele.
  • Technology needs to be matched to user needs. I.e. we can and will supply whatever components you request but we will not push fancy bells and whistles that may never be used. Conversely, if there is some piece of technology that suits your needs very well, we will advise you of its availability.
  • Confidentiality - All work is carried out with the utmost respect for your privacy.
  • Clear upgrade paths mapped out early on - before you buy - or if you are wishing to upgrade a machine you already have, bring it in for an evaluation - before deciding on how serious an upgrade - there are often options that can save you both money and time that you may not be aware of - and occasionally, unfortunately there are sometimes hidden "gotchas" that make upgrades not as good an option as a "swappa box" upgrade or even a full new system.
  • To continue to educate people about the importance of knowing what is inside the computer. If we can help people to start asking what is on the inside of their PC then we are starting to make the computer world a not so foreign place. As much as the supermarket PC retailers want you believe the PC is an appliance it is not (yet) and all PCs are not created equal.
  • Not to sell by the “at any cost” method - if we can see that we don’t have a sensible solution for you we will let you know as early as we can and where possible recommend other sources for you. If we can gain your trust by being honest and straight forward in all of our dealings we believe our long term future is assured

Computer Repairs

If your system is not running how it should be come and talk to us today about your options. We perform viruses removals, system upgrades, data transfers, and much more.

New Computers

We can provide a wide range of computing devices including our custom built computer systems tailored to your specific needs, Tablets, Laptops and also Second hand / ex-leased systems.

Friendly Advice

If you're not sure what you need come and have a chat to us. With more than 21 years in business we can point you in the right direction.